Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are for the interest of safety, responsibility and welfare for our clients. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. By booking a consultation, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions outlined below.


Behaviour Consultations


About your consultation

Behaviour consultations are conducted by Allyson Giel MSc Clinical Animal Behaviour. Occasionally Allyson will have a student accompany her on a home visit. However, you will be asked to approve this beforehand. 

Before a behaviour consultation 

A behavioural consultation helps to identify the context and the underlying emotions for unwanted behaviour. A programme will be devised for both you and your pet’s needs based on a behavioural and emotional diagnosis to help you manage and modify this behaviour. Behavioural issues are often complex having taken time to develop. Therefore, before proceeding it is necessary that any potential underlying medical condition or potential cause of pain that could be contributing to your pet’s behaviour is ruled out. Prior to your appointment you will be required to complete and forward the following:

  • Veterinary Referral Form: To rule out any potential underlying medical causes, you are requested to have your Vet complete and sign a Referral Form which is available to download from the Pet Behaviour Clinic website. The Pet Behaviour Clinic are not liable for any costs incurred from this process.

  • Video footage: You may be asked to provide video footage of your pet’s behaviour on a day-to-day basis as this can aid the consultation process, as it is possible your pet will not perform certain behaviours during Allyson’s visit. It is not necessary to provoke your pet into performing the problem behaviour, as I do not need to see the full extent of the behaviour to treat it. 

It is important that the above are completed and returned to the Pet Behaviour Clinic prior to the consultation. Failure to do so may delay the consultation. If you schedule an appointment but do not return all of the prerequisites for a consultation at two days prior to your appointment, the Pet Behaviour Clinic reserve the right to cancel your appointment. 

During a behaviour consultation 

The consultation will take place at your home. Please allow one and half to two hours for the behaviour consultation. Practical aspects of the programme are included and will be demonstrated to you. 



To ensure you gain the most from the consultation, all family members or friends who come into regular contact with the dog(s)/cats(s) are encouraged to be present. 


After a behaviour consultation 

You will receive a full written account of the behaviour consultation including a behaviour modification plan to manage and modify your pet’s welfare, behaviour and emotions. This will be forwarded to you within 48 hours along with any help sheets that you may require. A follow up visit is included as part of the behaviour modification process for review, revisions, further support, and the refinement of new skills.  


Additional Follow up visits

It may be necessary for more complex issues, such as aggression, multiple behaviour problems or for where there are multi-dog households, that additional follow-up visits are required. Any follow-up visits, should they be required, will be charged accordingly and you will be advised in advance to the cost.


The consultation fee must be paid in full at the time of the consultation.  Payment is accepted by cheque, cash or bank transfer at the time of the consultation. The Pet Behaviour Clinic does not offer refunds after work has been completed. We are not responsible for refunding any Veterinary or other costs associated with our services. 



If you need to cancel your appointment please inform Pet Behaviour Clinic allowing 48 hours notice.

Safety and Responsibility


In order to ensure my own personal safety and that of your dog(s), it is essential that all dog(s) are placed securely in another room prior to my arrival at your home. Introductions will then be supervised by myself during the visit.  All instructions during the consultation must be followed to ensure the safety of all of those involved. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the consultation. Although every precaution is taken to ensure the highest safety standards, the safety of both yourselves, your pets and your property remains your responsibility.


Allyson Giel is fully insured with Cliverton with the 'Pet Trainers and Behaviourists Insurance Cover'. 


Privacy Policy 

Unless required by law, public interest or you give your consent, information which you supply will be kept confidential.   


By booking a behaviour consultation you are giving permission for Allyson Giel to obtain, store or share the following information set out below, under the new general data protection regulations:

1. Contact your vets to obtain your pet’s full medical history.

2. Share a summary of your report with your vets and discuss any findings with them that relate to the treatment of your pet e.g. if they require further medical investigations or medication.

3. Save your report and contact information on a password protected computer that is stored in a locked premises.  This will be saved for the duration of your dog’s/cat’s treatment and for 2 years thereafter.  This is to ensure that any further contact regarding any behavioural concerns, or incidents that occur, can be properly investigated from the history and treatment that has been advised. 



Animal aggression can cause injury, including fatal injury, to other animals and people. Treatment for aggression is not a guarantee of success and modifying behaviour does not assure that the aggression will be successfully controlled. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that their pet does not harm in the future. Precautions may involve, but are not limited to, keeping a dog on lead, the use of a muzzle, informing others of the dog’s aggressive tendencies, not mixing with certain types of people or other dogs, or confinement behind fencing and doors. Owners remain responsible for their dogs at all times and are advised they have adequate pet or household insurance cover for liability in the unlikely event of damage or injury caused by their dog to property or to a third party. It is strongly recommended that your dog is insured for third party liability with or without vet cover.


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