Puppy Consultations

Caring for Your New Puppy

Are you considering getting a puppy, or have you recently brought home a new puppy? Could you benefit from some additional guidance and support on caring for your puppy? I offer home visits to new puppy owners; helping to bridge the gap between bringing your puppy into his/her new home and leaving their maternal environment. This transition can be extremely stressful for puppies, and early experiences are of vital importance.

Great care must be taken to ensure that your puppy's early experiences and interactions are positive and rewarding. Promoting a safe and healthy environment will help support the development of your puppy; laying the foundations for a confident, well-behaved doggy companion for life. 

New Puppy Consultations

Puppy behaviour consultations take place in your own home, in order to independently assess your puppy's behaviour and development within their new natural environment. We will spend time with you, to thoroughly discuss any concerns or queries you may have; ideally, all members of the family should be present to contribute to the initial consultation. 

We cover the following during our puppy consultations: settling in, toilet training, mouthing, jumping up, pet manners, independence, safe playing, exercise, socialisation, grooming and enrichment. You are welcome to make notes and ask questions throughout the consultation. Within 2 working days of the consultation, we will provide full written feedback, training notes and handouts for your reference.

Please allow 1 1/2 - 2 hours for your New Puppy Consultation. 

Practice Makes Perfect

I will demonstrate specific skills and training for you and your puppy; therefore, some time during your initial consultation will be dedicated to practical training and management. 

Please note: skills training will be on an introduction basis only. If you wish to undertake further training, please visit a local puppy class to practice positive training methods and/or subsequent one-to-one coaching.

How to Book

Please ensure that your puppy has been recently checked by a vet prior to your behaviour consultation. Our specialist team of behaviourists adopt a holistic approach to the care and treatment of your pet; therefore, it is vital that you make us aware of any health problems that may be affecting your puppy.

Click here to book your behaviour consultation. Please ensure that you complete the veterinary referral form before the consultation (download below).



What’s Included?

A full assessment of your puppy’s behavioural, developmental and emotional needs

Referral Form

Please complete the veterinary referral form before the consultation (click the icon below)