Dog Behaviour Consultations

Small Change Leads to Big Difference

Some dogs, through no fault of their own, may develop behaviours which are helpful to them but not to their owners. This could be due to lack of socialisation, bad experiences, genetic predispositions, ill health, fear or frustration. 

Getting to the root cause of the behaviour is vital for progression. Understanding the underlying causes and motivations for the behaviour allows us to identify and treat the cause of the problem; not just the symptoms. Implementing small but significant changes in the way we communicate and respond to our dog's behaviour can have long-lasting effects, increasing overall success rate.

Behaviour Consultations

Behaviour consultations take place in your own home, in order to independently assess your dog's behaviour and character within their natural environment. I will spend time with you, the owner, to thoroughly discuss any concerns or queries you may have; ideally, all members of the family should be present to contribute to the initial consultation. 

During this time, I will record a detailed history of your dog's development and behaviours, exploring the possible reasons for your dog's behavioural issues. Together, we will work with you to formulate a plan of action with positive suggestions for improvement, which you can implement confidently and safely. 

Please note: you should allow 1 ½ - 2 hours for a behaviour consultation.

Practice Makes Perfect

I will demonstrate specific skills and training for you and your dog; therefore, some time during your initial consultation will be dedicated to practical training and management. 

How to Book

1. Please ensure that your dog has been recently checked by a vet prior to your behaviour consultation. This is especially important because some behavioural problems may be caused by medical conditions and ill health. I adopt a holistic approach to the care and treatment of your pet; therefore, it is vital that you make us aware of any health problems that may be affecting your dog's behaviour.

2. Click here to book your expert behaviour consultation or email Please ensure that you complete the veterinary referral form before the consultation (download below).


£100 - £150

What's Included?

Initial telephone contact, including behavioural first aid

Behaviour consultation (2 - 3 hours)  

Full written behaviour modification report

Contact with veterinary surgeon if needed

Referral Form

Please complete the veterinary referral form before the consultation (click the icon below)


Teaching You and Your Dog New Skills

For clients who would like additional support, training sessions are available. Training focuses on learning new skills to help you and your dog manage everyday situations safely and enjoy your time together. These training sessions are only available to Pet Behaviour Clinic clients as part of a training and behaviour modification plan.   



                                                                              £ 40 hour  (£5 milage depending on location)