The Pet Behaviour Clinic is a friendly and professional pet behaviour service, offering expert dog and cat behaviour consultations. I am dedicated to improving the welfare of your pet; providing effective and practical training support.  Whether you own a feline or canine companion, or if you are a prospective pet owner, look no further than the Pet Behaviour Clinic.


Firstly, I will conduct a full assessment of your pet’s behaviour and emotions, focusing on understanding, preventing and managing behaviour problems. We will then formulate a bespoke behaviour modification and training plan. Our specialist team provide ongoing guidance and support, following up with our customers to talk through recommended techniques and training, and/or discuss further environmental modifications.   ​

The Pet Behaviour Clinic serves the areas of Worcestershire, Gloucestershire & Oxfordshire

My journey began in March 2011 when I started attending courses, seminars and events related to dog training and behaviour; during this time, my passion for gentle, kind and humane ways to train dogs was ignited. I studied and trained hard for many years to become a pet behaviourist, before going on to open The Pet Behaviour Clinic.


After completing my Masters degree in Clinical Animal Behaviour at the University of Edinburgh, I became a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner and a registered Animal Training Instructor with the Animal Behaviour & Training Council. I continue to learn and increase my knowledge, studying up-to-date research and techniques. I am currently studying Animal Nutrition at the University Of Glasgow am a registed animal training instrctor with the Animal Behaviour & Training Council, and is a provisional member of the Association Of Pet Behaviour Counsellors.

Pet Behaviour Clinic 

Our Methods

Here at the Pet Behaviour Clinic, I believe that reward-based methods are the kindest and most effective way for all animals to learn (including ourselves); therefore, I offer a range of rewards within behaviour modfication and training, including food, praise, toys and clicker training.

I only promote training methods which are rewarding, motivational and reliable, and will benefit both dog and owner in the long-term; helping to build a mutually respectful relationship. All of my methods are based on scientific models and research, as well as drawing on our own experiences and those of world-renowned dog trainers.

The Pet Behaviour Clinic can help your pet become a loving member of the family that you can be proud of. 

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