Minnie - Dog Aggression in Home

"We contacted Stephanie after our terrier x Minnie took a dislike to one of our other dogs.  After a thorough home visit we received a clear, detailed report and plan of action.  She completely 'got' Minnie and her help and advice has been absolutely invaluable.   We also had follow up emails to check on our progress.  The change in Minnie has been remarkable and we are thrilled with her progress.  We know we can always contact Stephanie if we need any further help or advice.  We would not hesitate in recommending her, we just wish we'd have found her sooner!!" - Pam Masic (Castle Douglas)


Charlie - Private Puppy Lessons 

"We rehomed Charlie at 6 months and recognizing his eagerness to learn I asked Stephanie to come to the house to do some training with us - as much for me as Charlie.  What a really good decision that proved to be and both Charlie and I looked forward to Stephanie's visits. She was able to give us invaluable tips and taught us both wonderful behaviours. Charlie absolutely loves his training and although he's still got a lot to learn especially on the lead I am amazed at how quickly he has become obedient and very biddable. I would strongly recommend working with Stephanie who has a wealth of knowledge and advice to give and makes each situation fun for the dog to learn. We hope to keep in touch and I wouldn't hesitate to ask for advice at any time in the future." - Audrey Steele (Strathaven)


Oscar - Separation Related Disorder

separation anxiety

"The service from the Pet Behaviour Clinic was fantastic. A thorough and pleasant home visit that was followed with concise information that helped make steady progress through the issues we had with Oscar." - Russell McNab (Cambuslang)



Harry - Dog Aggressive


"Stephanie treated Harry as an individual and helped us understand his behaviour. The treatment plan was detailed and easy to follow, and we were much more comfortable with Stephanie's approach than other training methods. Stephanie continues to provide advice when needed." - Karen Fitzgerald (Ayr)




Rez - Pulling on Lead & Poor Recall

Northern Inuit dog training

"We are thrilled at the progress our dog, Rez made in just 1.5 hrs with Stephanie. We just could not get Rez to walk without pulling on his lead which made taking him for a walk very difficult and not very enjoyable. Within an hour of meeting Stephanie he was walking around the garden without pulling and we are also seeing progress when we are outside. We also practised recall and he now does this outside, except when there are other dogs in the vicinity. We would definitely recommend Stephanie as a dog trainer and will be using her services again for 'advanced' training of Rez." - Christine Gordon (Carstairs Village)


 Phoebe - Private Puppy Lessons

pug puppy

 "Stephanie has been such a great help.  We have a little pug who is strong willed and full of character, which is such a loveable trait.  Stephanie came to the house and showed us how to train Phoebe in a positive fun way." - Elisabeth Hadden (Edinburgh)


Scout - Private Puppy Lessons

'Stephanie came to our rescue to help us with training our lovely but super energetic Labrador/Border Collie Cross puppy Scout. Scout loved Stephanie's visits as she made training fun and rewarding for her. Stephanie helped to give us the confidence to reinforce everything Scout had learnt during her time with Stephanie. It wasn't only Scout that liked Stephanie, we also thought she was great and know we can always call on her if we should have any issues with Scout in thefuture. Thanks Stephanie!' - Kerry Jackson ( West Linton)


Holly and Paddington - Dog Walking                            

'Stephanie started walking Holly and Paddington earlier this year on a regular weekly basis when I am at work. Stephanie is very friendly, trustworthy and reliable and holds a key to my house and collects and returns the dogs without any difficulty.

It's a huge weight off my mind to know that Stephanie will be there every day when I'm at work. The dogs go for a lovely long walk, regardless of the weather, and are now more sociable with people and other dogs as a result.

Most importantly is that Stephanie loves dogs and I know that Holly and Paddington love her too!

I can highly recommend The Pet Behaviour Clinic's dog walking service.' 

Lisa Horsley (Abington)


Moses and Molly - Private Dog Training Lessons

'We adopted Molly last summer and although she has a sweet nature i'd never have called her obedient. we then adopted a puppy, Moses, and realised that we had our hands full and that taking them both anywhere wasn't going to be a calm experience. I had contacted Stephanie about our puppy initially but both dogs came to lessons and they've come on in leaps and bounds. Stephanie is bubbly and friendly and the dogs adore her, especially as she always has treats. Molly was scared of traffic and most noises and would just ignore us if she took the notion but is now very attentive and has made great progress with her fear of traffic. Our puppy is as daft as a brush but a clever wee soul and we can now keep him out of trouble plus he loves obedience training. I can now take them both to a park, let them off to play and know that they'll behave with other dogs and come back to me, it's a huge weight off my mind and its also so much more fun to take them with us now.' - Alison Tobias (Uddingston)