PUPPY TRAINING. If you have recently welcomed a new puppy in to your home please consider the benefits of private training. Not only will you be given advice about how to prevent behaviour problems arising, but we can tackle issues that will really benefit you. Plus we can start basic obedience training to turn your little pup into a well behaved adult.

 Do you have a new puppy or
are you about to bring one home?



The Pet Behaviour Clinic offers a private puppy course designed to help prevent problem behaviours forming and teaches basic obedience. This course will help your puppy turn into and angelic adult!

Owning a puppy is a wonderful experience, but it is also hard work! To make living with your puppy as enjoyable as possible please consider booking our extremely popular puppy course. 

The puppy course is divided into 4 lessons. Each lesson lasts 1 hour and takes place in your own home. This course will help you and your puppy with the following and more:  


  • House training
  • Re-call
  • Obedience e.g. sit, stay
  • Lead work
  • Biting
  • Handling/grooming
  • Chewing
  • Play
  • Barking
  • Manners e.g. jumping up
  • Tricks
  • Any other problems you are having

At the start of the course you will receive a puppy pack which consists of lots of help sheets, a clicker, some treats and a toy. When your puppy completes the course they will receive a wonderful certificate to show off!

Clicker training is usually taught throughout the course as this is one of the most enjoyable and effective ways to train any dog. For more information on clicker training please click here.