DOG TRAINING. We can help with your dog training needs. Whether your dog needs a full block of training sessions or simply has 1 or 2 problems, we can help. 

  Does your dog need to learn some manners? 

 Would you like you like to be able to communication with your dog effectively? 

Would you like to teach your dog obedience training?


Teaching your dog the basics of obedience training can be extremely helpful and enjoyable for you and your dog! Not only will you be able to communicate with your dog better, but you will have more confidence handling your dog in public and your dog will enjoy learning new commands.

The most of effective way to train your dog is to use clicker training. Clicker training is a positive, reward based method of training and dogs love it. Please click here for more information on clicker training.

If you are interested in working with your dog and teaching him/her all the basic commands and training techniques then we offer a training course. The course is split into 4 x 1 hour lessons, usually taking place weekly. The following and more is covered:


  • Lead work
  • Re-call
  • Sit, stand, down 
  • Stay and Wait
  • Meet people and dogs calmly
  • Leave
  • Doggy manners e.g. jumping up
  • Tricks 
  • Anything else you could like to work on

At the start of the course you will receive a clicker and some treats. When  your dog completes the course he/she will get a lovely certificate to show off!

If you are only looking to work on one or two specific training issues e.g. lead work, then you can book one or two lessons, depending on your needs.